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Water is the most important need for all living things on our Earth. Water is life. We want to share information with you and highlight the problem of drinking water quality, without which our life is impossible.
According to the World Health Organization, more than 80% of all diseases in the world are waterborne.
You can say: “We are what we eat and what we drink!”
At present, in many countries there is a very urgent problem of providing their citizens with drinking water.
It is probably rare to find a family at risk of using unfiltered drinking water. Household filter cup filters are most often breeding grounds for bacteria.

The human body contains more than two-thirds of water:

  • Lungs, heart, kidneys – 80%
  • Skin, liver – 70%.
  • Gentile, muscles, brain – 70%.
  • Fat tissue -10%.

It is water that performs the most vital functions of the body: it dissolves nutrients, removes toxins from the body, “lubricates” the joints, controls body temperature. If the body feels a lack of quality drinking water, it is polluted and the following symptoms are detected:

  • Headaches.
  • Weakness.
  • Dry cough, dry skin, dry mouth.
  • “Crispy” joints.
  • Constipation, etc.

Heavy metals, chlorine and rust, which have accumulated in water for decades, cause severe gastrointestinal diseases, oncological diseases, memory impairment, vascular and cardiovascular diseases.

It follows from all this: one of the conditions for the longevity of life is the systematic use of quality drinking water in sufficient doses (from 1.5 l to 2.5 l per day!). Tea, coffee, compote – it’s all food, but the body asks to drink!

A new day should begin with a glass of clean water; before going to bed do the same, as well as 20-30 minutes before eating. By the way, swelling of the face or body – this is the first signal of the body about the abundance or lack of water!

EUROBALTIC WATER is a producer of natural artesian water ARTESIUM, the composition of which fully corresponds to the composition of mineral water. We offer water consumers an absolutely unique and new product that helps prevent digestive problems, strengthens immunity and simply quenches thirst. The 130-meter-deep borehole is located in the area of ​​the ski resort “Riekstukalns”, away from roads and industrial sites.

This unique, bacteriologically pure drinking water is popular among people who take care of their health.

We offer a very simple way to test the drinking water you use. Pour boiling water into one sachet of black tea and let it cool. If you see a film on the surface of the mug – this is the first sign of poor quality drinking water that should not be used!

ARTESIUM – it is a way out!

1 cubic centimeter of sea water contains 1.5 g of protein and many other nutrients. Scientists have estimated that the Atlantic Ocean is worth 20,000 annual crops (on the entire surface of the Earth) in terms of nutrients.

Adequate water consumption protects the skin against aging.

The structure of water changes from the sounds and mechanical effects of music.

Only 1.1% of the water on Earth is drinking.

3% water on Earth – fresh water; most of the freshwater is in glacial ice conditions.

There is 83% water in human blood.

Adequate water consumption protects the skin against sagging.

On average, plants and animals contain more than 50% water.

Water reflects 5% of the sun’s rays, but at the same time snow reflects about 85%. Only 2% of sunlight penetrates under the ocean ice.

The water is transparent only to visible light rays and strongly absorbs infrared rays.

The heat of crystallization of water is lower only compared to ammonia.

The heat of evaporation of water is higher than the heat of evaporation of any other liquid.

Water is a universal thinner.

A person can survive without water for no more than 2-3 days.

Among the existing liquids, water has the largest volume of heat.

Among the existing liquids, the surface tension of water is lower only compared to mercury.

Lack of water in a pregnant woman’s body can cause premature birth cramps.

Water allows the body to absorb fat more efficiently.

If all the glaciers melted, the water level on Earth would rise by 64 meters and around one-eighth of the earth’s surface would be under water.

There is 10-12 times more water in the Earth’s mantle than in the World Ocean.

The human body contains about 65% water.

Only a 2% reduction in the body’s water level can lead to a 20% deterioration in the body’s intellectual and physical performance.

The brain contains 80% water.