Aqua Work V90

Floor water dispenser Aqua Work V90 with turbo heating function, electronic cooling and built-in energy-saving mode!

A modern technological device, in terms of its characteristics, is very similar to the Aqua Work V90 cooler with a convenient and familiar system for activating faucets such as “push a mug”. The difference is in the possibility of turbo heating and a special “ECO” operating mode that reduces power consumption.

The dispenser can work in 2 modes:

1. In normal mode – a familiar cooler with electronic cooling and water heating, that is, it constantly maintains the required temperature of water in hot and cold tanks. At the same time, if the water in the hot tank is not heated enough, you just need to press the Turbo button and after a few tens of seconds you will receive water heated to 95-97 degrees, after which the device will return to its original mode of operation.

2. In the “ECO” (energy saving) mode – only the electronic water cooling system will work constantly. As soon as you need hot water, it is enough, without turning off the economy mode, to press the turbo heating button and after a few minutes you will also receive the most heated water, and the device will turn off the heating mode again, gradually cooling down and waiting for the next pressing of the “Turbo” button.

Heat 85-96 ºС > 7.0 l/h, 700W
Cooling 12-15 ºС > 1.0 l/h, 70W electronic
Type of faucets press with mug
Frame metal / plastic
Size 310x310x960 mm / 6.20 kg
Package 340х320х980 mm 0.107 м3 / 7.00 kg
Delivery from European Union
Warranty 2 years



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