Aqua Work 16-LD/HLN

Floor water dispenser Aqua Work 16-LD/HLN with heating and electronic cooling system.

  • The bottle with drinking water is installed from above, any standard sizes are suitable;
  • It manages to cool within an hour no more than 4-5 glasses at 12-15 degrees below the ambient temperature.
  • A “hot” tank with a capacity of 1 liter with a heating element of 700 W is designed to heat up 7 or more liters within an hour to a temperature of 92-96 degrees;
  • The steel body allows the use of both types of glass holders: both on screws and on magnets;
  • The free space at the bottom is not used in any way, the case is monolithic.
  • 2 ergonomic mug-type taps and colored plastic inserts;

Low price and attractive appearance make Aqua Work 16-LD/HLN one of the most popular models in its class – floor coolers with thermoelectric cooling.


Heat 85-96 ºС > 7.0 l/h, 700W
Cooling 12-15 ºС > 1.0 l/h, 70W electronic
Type of faucets press with mug
Frame metal / plastic
Size  310x310x960 mm / 7.58 kg
Package 340х320х980 mm 0.107 m3 / 8.00 kg
Delivery from European Union
Warranty 2 years

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